• Vertigo Treatment


Medical Treatments

Definite treatment for Vertigo depends on the underlying cause. Treatments may include:
  • Antibiotics in case of infections.
  • Anti-cholinergics and anti-convulsants (substances that act on the nervous system).
  • Anti-histamines which act as controllers of vomiting.
  • Steroids in case of inflammations.
  • Surgeries may be required in treatment for Vertigo in certain specific conditions especially for inner ear problems.

Non-Medical Measures

Certain physical maneuvers are done to treat BPPV. These include:
  • Vestibular rehabilitation exercises: The patient sits on the edge of a table and lies down to one side till the vertigo improves after which the patient sits up and lies down on the other side, again until the vertigo ceases. This is can be repeated again until the vertigo improves completely.
  • Particle repositioning maneuver: This is done with the understanding that vertigo has occurred due to displacement of the particles in the middle ear. The head is so repositioned to move these particles to their normal position.
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