Knowing Homeopathy- A Peek

Discovered by German M.D. physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy has existed for more than 200 years, and yet, is the youngest system of Medicine! Homeopathy can be summarized in just 3 S’s: Scientific, Sound principled and Side-effect free.

The rationale behind Homeopathy is not just to treat the symptoms or pathology. It is to go for the prime base- the Immune System, and enhance it to the level of positive response. All this is achieved in the gentlest way possible, taking the individual, not only out of disease, but on to the path of health.

Why Online Homeopathy

Why Online Homeopathy?

  • At your convenience
  • Space barrier is eliminated
  • It saves your time & money
  • Physician is in his best frame of mind
  • Confidentiality is assured
  • Powerful communication system
  • You can manage your profile yourself

At your convenience

You can give your history, submit a follow-up or ask queries anytime at your convenience, late nights or public holidays no bar. You don't need to disturb your routine or take leave to see a doctor. Welcome Cure’s online consultation is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Space barrier is eliminated

Your physician need not be limited to the area or town you live in. Internet has transformed the modes of treatment, and now patients can select amongst the best doctors from any corner of the world. Geography and location is no longer a barrier.

It Saves your Time & Money

Online consultations with us save your time as well as money. How? You save the time you take to travel to the clinic and the time you spend while waiting for your turn. Additionally, travelling involves expenses. With online Homeopathy, you not only save on your travelling expense, but because Homeopathy is a holistic science considering the entire individual while treating him, you are spared the hassles of running to different specialists for different problems.

Physician is in his best frame of mind

The physician is more relaxed as he can analyze the case at any time of the day when it is convenient for him. He can also give enough time needed for the case analysis without any pressure of time.

Confidentiality is assured

There is no fear of your data being disclosed to anyone else because Welcome Cure adheres to global standards of HIPAA and HL7 security. Your information is completely confidential and is available only to you and your consulting physician.

Powerful communication system

The patient’s health is our priority. Welcome Cure gives timely reminders to patients for follow-ups and regular updates on health and medicine. If needed, Chat and Skype consultations can be arranged between patients and their doctor for enhanced healthcare.

You can manage your profile yourself

You can make changes in your profile and case history whenever you want and you don't have to depend on anyone else for this. You just have to sign-in to our site and add or delete whatever information you want to.