Knowing Homeopathy- A Peek

Discovered by German M.D. physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy has existed for more than 200 years, and yet, is the youngest system of Medicine! Homeopathy can be summarized in just 3 S’s: Scientific, Sound principled and Side-effect free.

The rationale behind Homeopathy is not just to treat the symptoms or pathology. It is to go for the prime base- the Immune System, and enhance it to the level of positive response. All this is achieved in the gentlest way possible, taking the individual, not only out of disease, but on to the path of health.

Advantages Of Homeopathy

Complete Science:

Homeopathy is a complete medical science which has a clear-cut advantage over other systems of Medicine. It considers the entire individual, his psychological and physical make-up as well as the complete evolution of the disease while prescribing a remedy.

Aims at removing the Cause:

In today's conventional practice, the physician spends very little time with the patient. He may listen to what is wrong with you and just give some medication for that particular suffering only. But a Homeopath will inquire into the cause behind the trouble and go to the root of the disease. For example: Your recurring headaches may be due to some other disorder in your body such as constipation or acidity or it may be due to stress. A homeopath will aim to remove the reason behind the headaches such as constipation, etc. or inquire patiently why are you stressed and show you the way out.

Holistic Methodology:

The homeopathic physician takes a detailed history of the patient, including his physical complaints, attributes and emotional situation. This has a 2-fold advantage. One, a detailed history elicits the root cause/s of the illness, and secondly, it is a suitable channel for the patient to vent his innermost thoughts and feelings, and feel better.

No Side Effects:

Homeopathy is a side effect-free treatment that is gentle on the constitution. Homeopathic remedies are derivates of natural substances, and the doses prescribed by a qualified physician are never more than the patient actually needs.

Improves Immunity:

Homeopathy works by stimulating and restoring the body's vital energy to heal and when this happens you will be rid of each of your troubles small or big, old or new. Since the immune system is energized, Homeopathy protects you from future troubles also.

Safest Medicine:

Homeopathy is very safe, even for pregnant women and babies. Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medications without causing any adverse interactions or reactions. Homeopathic medicines do not lead to any drug dependency or substance abuse.

Preventive capacity:

Homeopathy works as a preventive and helps to maintain the healthy state of the individual not affected by the environment. Medicines can be given as prophylactics to prevent an individual from contracting a disease that people around him may be suffering from. For e.g. If one child is suffering from Chicken pox, in order to prevent the other child from getting the infection, if he is given the indicated remedy he will not suffer from that disease or even if he suffers, it will be in a very mild form.

Use in Epidemic diseases:

Homeopathic medicine can be very useful during epidemics. The remedy that is selected on the symptoms that are characteristic during the epidemic is known as the Genus Epidemicus. Such carefully selected remedies can prevent a person from acquiring the epidemic disease.