• Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

  • Counselling: It is most vital part of treatment and many cases are solved with good counselling only. Therapist tries to understand complete problem. He will talk to both the partners in most of the cases. He will try to remove all the negative thinking or misconceptions regarding sex (if any).All relationship issues are tackled in treatment for sexual dysfunctions.
  • Stimulations: Various erotic stimulation either visual or books are used. Patient's partner cooperation is also required in treatment for sexual disorders.
  • Medication: Treatment for sexual dysfunctions starts with treating the underlying cause or disease first like diabetes, nerve problems, psychiatric problems etc. For painful intercourse in women lubricants, muscle relaxants are given. Medications are given to correct hormonal levels in case of low libido. Medicines like Sidenafil are given to treat Erectile dysfunction
  • Surgery: Surgery is done in extreme cases of erectile dysfunctions where no other medicines are working like blockage of seminal vesicles etc
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