• Sexual Dysfunction Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Certain factors are commonly associated with this, although a definite proof is not available.

  • Stress and hectic lifestyle- These are one of the major causes of sex related problems. Stressful life conditions, harsh working environment causes fatigue, bad mood etc which in turn affects sexual life. Stress, anxiety and depression, sedentary lifestyles are among the leading causes.
  • Age- With age muscles lose their laxity, hormone level in blood reduces and results in sexual dysfunctions.
  • Obesity- Being overweight increases risk of sexual disorders.
  • Diseases- Certain diseases like Diabetes, Heart Problems, Prostate surgeries, Cancers are risks for Sexual Dysfunctions.
  • Injuries- Injuries resulting in nerve damage33 may cause erectile dysfunction in men. Excessive activities like bicycling can affect penis by nerve compression.
  • Substance abuse- Excessive alcohol intake, drugs or tobacco use cause chronic health problems and erectile dysfunction.
  • Medications- Few medicines like anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants, antihistamines etc may cause sexual issues.
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