• Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests
sexual dysfunction diagnosis and tests
  • Evaluation starts with detailed medical, psychological and sexual history.
  • Questions like frequency of sexual relations, your sexual orientation, frequency/ quality of sexual relations, and your number of sexual partners etc may come up during case taking. Even if you feel shy it is important to answer all questions correctly and honestly. This will lead the treatment in right direction.
  • This is usually followed by thorough physical examination. It includes examination of body (especially breasts, perineum, penis, scrotum, vaginal examination etc), pulsation in legs etc.
  • Nocturnal tumescence test- This is a test to determine nocturnal erections in men.
  • Tests like penile blood vessel function tests, neurological tests, blood tests, urine tests may be required to determine cause.
  • Specific tests like sonography, erection determining tests, and psychological exam may be required.