• Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms


Most symptoms of sexual dysfunctions vary in men and women although; certain symptoms of sexual dysfunctions are common. They are described below in detail-

In Men: Sexual desire problems affect approximately 5% to 15% of men in the general population.

  • Ejaculation disorder- It involves premature ejaculation and delayed (retarded) ejaculation. That means ejaculation occurs either very soon or late. It also includes retrograde ejaculation which means the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder rather than out of the penis via urethra.

    Premature ejaculation is quite common. It is mostly due to nervousness, no interest or attraction towards partner, past bad experience with sex etc. This is one of the important features in symptoms of sexual disorders.

  • Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence. It is inability to attain and maintain erection suitable for intercourse.
  • Low libido and desire- Here sexual desire is diminished or even absent. Normal hormone level of testosterone is must for normal libido in men.

In Women: Nearly 75% of women have problems with arousal or orgasm or libido in their lifetime.

  • Dyspareunia- It is the painful intercourse and is probably due to painful spasm of vaginal muscles called as Vaginismus and less lubrication of vagina causing dryness. Vaginal infections, rigid hymen, infections etc may also cause this. There may be burning or pain in vagina. This is one of leading feature in symptoms of sexual disorders.
  • Difficult Orgasm- Orgasm or climax is phenomenon which gives intense feeling of satisfaction during sex. Absence to achieve climax is common problem among women. Fear, lack of knowledge & experience, anxiety, past bad experiences are common causes. Sometimes insufficient stimulation and lack of foreplay are also contributing factors. This is one of the important features along with other symptoms of sexual disorders.
  • Low libido - This means lack of desire or interest in sex. There can be underlying causes like hormonal change or medical diseases. Depression, pregnancy, boredom, stress, fatigue are also important contributing factors. This is one of the chief features in symptoms of sexual disorders.
  • Inability to get arousal- Lack of foreplay, insufficient vaginal lubrication, fear and lack of knowledge regarding sex, anxiety, guilt, diseases etc may cause difficulty in females to get aroused. These are leading symptoms of sexual dysfunctions in females.