• Sexual Dysfunction Definition


SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS are defined as dysfunctions or disorders involving sexual functions of human beings. It includes any hindrance to obtain complete satisfaction during sexual activity. It can involve disorders of functions, desires, performances, sexual preferences, etc.

It can be categorized into-

  • Sexual desire (Libido) disorder -
    • It involves either increased or decreased desire for sexual activity.
    • Could be related to decreased levels of sex hormones.
    • It can also be due to increased age, level of activity.
    • Decreased desire is also observed in pregnancy.
    • Depression is also among significant cause.
  • Sexual Arousal disorder-
    • Includes frigidity in women
    • In males, it manifests as erectile dysfunction or impotence that is difficulty in maintaining erection of penis during sexual activity.
  • Orgasm disorder-
    • Orgasm is a complex phenomenon and means attenuation of height of pleasure during sexual activity.
    • This disorder includes delay or absence of orgasm following the normal sexual excitement phase.
    • It can happen in both males and females.
  • Sexual pain disorder-

    Some women usually experience severe pain during intercourse also known as Dyspareunia. It may be because of insufficient lubrication or Vaginismus (spasm of vaginal muscles).


    Apart from above disorders DSM-IV (the American Psychiatric Association's classification system) also mentions following sexual disorders-

    • Sexual aversion disorder- It is complete aversion from sex. Person finds sex disgusting and refrains from it. There could be many underlying causes like bad past experience with sex like molestations, sexual assaults etc.
    • Secondary sexual dysfunction- Here dysfunctions result out of other secondary medical conditions like diabetes, depression, medicinal side effects etc.
    • Paraphilias- It includes odd or strange sexual dysfunctions like fantasies, urges or behaviour like rubbing self against other without their consent (Frotteurism); exposure of genitals to strangers (Exhibitionism); getting aroused by non living objects like women's underwear etc (Fetishism), cross-dressing to get arouse (Transvestic fetishism); fantasy to other's getting undressed without consent (Voyeurism); sadism; Sexual masochism; etc.
    • Gender identity disorder- It is strong and constant feeling of dissatisfaction with one's gender. Man feels he is living woman's body and vice versa. Likes to cross dress etc.

All of them are responsible for causing marked distress and deep psychological impact on human beings.

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