• Sexual Dysfunction Introduction


Healthy sex is an important part of every person's life irrespective of his gender, age, occupation, profession, sexual orientation etc. It can lead to foundation of happy married life and good psychic health

sexual dysfunction introduction

Healthy Sexual activity involves-

  • Coordination between various systems of the body.
  • Synchronization between hormones and neurological pathways
  • Normal activity of blood vessels, nerves, and penile integrity (in men), adequate erection and its maintenance during the sexual relation.
  • Achieving orgasm which is a complex phenomenon which requires full coordination of neurological, physical and psychological systems of body.
  • Muscles and nerves coordination with ejaculation.

When sexual dysfunction is present or suspected the physician must consider all the possible break ways in above series of events.

Sexual Response System which is important during sexual activity involves stages-

  • Stage of excitement
  • Stage of Plateau phase
  • Stage of Orgasm
  • Stage of Resolution

Sexual Dysfunctions can involve impairment in any of the above processes leading to problems in sexual life. Sexual Dysfunctions are nothing but the impairment in normal sexual functioning.

Sexual Disorders involves-

  • Inability to perform or reach an orgasm
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Repulsion or decrease of sexual activity
  • Exaggerated or increased sexual response or sexual interest

Sexual problems are easily ignored. People usually hesitate to accept any sexual issues they are facing. This is more in case of men and often leads to delay in treatment of sexual disorders and increased frustration levels.

Sexual dysfunctions or disorders are fairly common with nearly 43% of women and 31% of men affected. Many people are hesitant or even embarrassed to discuss their sexual life. This increases the trouble further. But fortunately, most cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share your concerns and visit doctor.

Homeopathic Treatment and lifestyle adjustments can help you reduce or manage the signs and symptoms of Sexual Dysfunctions.

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