• Sexual Dysfunction Complications


There are certain complications in unmanaged and extreme cases.

  • Depression: The most important complication of sexual disorders is depression. Most of the cases are not reported to doctor. The affected person finds it tough to share with their sexual partners. In such cases it leads to low self confidence, low self esteem and feelings of self hatred. This further increases the low sexual performances. As a result patient feels dejected and gets depressed.
    sexual dysfunction complications
  • Marital Discord: Bad or no performances in bed may lead to frustration and irritation. This leads to increased fights and arguments between the couple. If these problems persist, it may lead to broken relationships and even divorce.
  • Stress: Constant problems in sexual life leads to severe tension, stress and anxiety which in turn cause other disorders like Panic disorders, heart disorders, hypertension etc.
  • Inability to conceive: Cases of infertility are also seen due to certain conditions like erectile dysfunctions.