• Piles (Hemorrhoids) Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests

A visual inspection of the anus is usually enough to diagnose hemorrhoids, especially external hemorrhoids.

Digital Rectal Examination
  • The doctor may do a digital rectal examination to check for any abnormalities inside the anus.
  • In this examination, the doctor will gently and skillfully insert a gloved & lubricated finger inside the rectum to check if anything is wrong.
  • This is useful for diagnosing smaller internal hemorrhoids.

  • A sigmoidoscopy may be done to get a clear view of the anal and rectal canal.
  • In this, a small fiber optic camera fitted to a small tube (sigmoidoscope) is gently and skillfully inserted inside the rectum and lower colon.
  • This helps the doctor to have a very close look at the hemorrhoid as well as take real-life pictures with the camera.

Barium X-Ray
  • A barium x-ray can also be useful to see the outline of the colon and rectum.
  • Here a barium enema is given and then x-rays are taken of the colon and rectum region.
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