• Piles (Hemorrhoids) Definition

Piles Hemorrhoids Defination

Piles are abnormally swollen veins inside the rectum and anal canal.

They are classified into two types:

  • Internal hemorrhoids: These swollen veins lie inside the rectum prior to the anal sphincter.
  • External hemorrhoids: These swollen veins develop under the skin around the anus and lie beyond the anal sphincter.

Internal Piles are further graded into 4 types:

Grade 1 Small swellings inside the anal canal. They cannot be seen or felt from outside
Grade 2 Larger and partly protrude outside the anus while passing motions. However, they immediately spring back inside on their own.
Grade 3 Protrude outside the anus while passing motions and do not return inside on their own. However, they can easily be pushed back inside with one's fingers.
Grade 4 Permanently hanging outside the anus and cannot be pushed back inside. They can sometimes become very large and bleed.

Definition of Piles Hemorrhoids