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Piles Similar conditions

Rectal Prolapse:

There is the presence of a protruding mass from the rectum, especially on straining for motions.

There may be associated bleeding with pain along with occasional involuntary passage of stools.

A physical examination under anesthesia or a defecogram may be necessary to diagnose this condition and to assess its severity.

Similar conditions of Piles

Anal fissure:

A fissure is a linear tear in the inner lining of the anal canal. It is associated with painful bleeding on passing motions.

There may be an associated sentinel skin tag which may be mistaken for a painful hemorrhoid.

Similar conditions of Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Anal fistula:

It is seen as a small opening in the anal region that discharges pus or bloody debris.

There is usually a history of an abscess in the anal or rectal region prior to the formation of the fistula. The fistula drains away this abscess.

Similar conditions of Piles

Crohn's Disease:

It is an inflammatory bowel disease that is associated with painful and blood stained motions.

There is usually associated diarrhea sometimes alternating with constipation.

Family history of inflammatory bowel disease is usually present. Endoscopic findings are typical of the disease.

Similar conditions of Piles

Ulcerative Colitis:

It is also an inflammatory bowel disease associated with painful and blood stained motions.

It is often associated with diarrhea rather than constipation.

Endoscopy reveals areas of inflammation and ulceration in the lining of the colon.

Similar conditions of Piles

Colorectal Cancer:

There is a history of change in bowel movements along with rectal bleeding and pain.

There may be presence of polyps in the rectal and anal region.

There is likely to be a positive family history for colon cancer. Endoscopy reveals the cancerous mass along with other typical changes.

Similar conditions of Piles


It is the inflammation of the lining of the anus and rectal canal.