• Piles (Hemorrhoids) Complications



  • Continuous or excessive blood loss from the hemorrhoids can lead to anemia in which there is reduction in the number of healthy red blood cells.
  • untreated, this can cause other complications such as fatigue or tiredness, low immunity, heart and lung problems, restless legs syndrome, complications during pregnancy, etc.

Strangulation of Hemorrhoid:

  • Cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid tissue due to extreme twisting leads to strangulation of the hemorrhoid.
  • This condition is extremely painful and leads to death and gangrene of the tissue.


  • There is engorgement of the hemorrhoid with pooling of blood inside and acute swelling.
  • Eventually, there is discharge of the blood and clot formation. This is a painful condition and may need to be excised.

Fecal incontinence:

  • It is the accidental passage of solid or liquid stools or mucus from the rectum.
  • It usually results from defective function of the anal sphincter that controls the flow of stools outside the anal canal.

Anal stenosis:

  • It is the narrowing of the anal canal as a result of hemorrhoids or rarely after surgical removal of the hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy).