• Osteoporosis Symptoms


Osteoporosis generally does not become clinically apparent until a fracture occurs.

Osteoporosis Symptoms

  • Fractures: Osteoporosis can result in painful or painless fractures of spine, wrist, hip or shoulder. Hip fractures are among the most serious as they can result in deep vein thrombosis and clot in the lungs.
  • Backache: Back pain may be present along with other symptoms of Osteoporosis.
  • Stooping: Multiple vertebral fractures lead to stooped posture, loss of height, and chronic pain with reduction in mobility.
  • Compression back fracture or sudden collapse: Sudden, severe, shooting back pain, especially in older women may be a dangerous sign of weak bones and a spinal compression fracture.
  • Osteopenia: It is among the warning symptoms of Osteoporosis and is characterized by thinning of bones.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis can occur in various combinations depending on factors such as age, possible causation and history of falls or injuries.

Homeopathy plays a crucial role in managing symptoms of Osteoporosis because it has a holistic, individualistic approach and treats the patient in illness rather than just the disease.