• Depression Introduction

Introduction of Depression

Do you feel unusually sad?

Do you feel life is hopeless?

Does life seem like a bed of thorns?

Do you want to stay alone always?

Do you feel nobody loves you?

Do you feel life is useless?

Are you getting repeated suicidal thoughts?

If your answers to most of the above questions are YES, then you are probably depressed.

According to World Health Organization DEPRESSION is the 4th most devastating illness in the world today. And with this rate, it may become the 2nd ranked illness by 2020. The average age of onset of Depression is mid-20s.

Depression can easily take control of your life, your thoughts, feelings and actions. The key to overcoming it, therefore is a combination of the right medicines with the right lifestyle changes. And this is exactly what Homeopathy offers.

With correct expert guidance, medication and counselling, Depression can be effectively defeated.

Homeopathy will relieve you effectively and safely without any side effects.