• Depression Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 How do men behave commonly if they are depressed?

    Men are usually not comfortable with sharing their problems; they believe it as sign of weakness. This can result in delay of their treatment. Depression in men is more severe. It is more related to work, finances etc. They feel restless and agitated.

    It creates conflict in their family life and work place. They find it weak to show their self doubt and sadness. They are more likely to seek comfort in alcohol, smoking, drug abuse etc. They may also react violently sometimes. Suicidal rate is also higher in men.

    But do not worry! Seek homeopathic treatment at the earliest, since it has many wonderful remedies in its treasury to deal with Depression. All other associated or unrelated symptoms are treated with homeopathy. Homeopathic Treatment is trusted by millions all over world. So what are you waiting for? Register with us and seek the safest mode of treatment

  • 2 My wife is 24 years old. We lost our baby due to miscarriage six months back. Since then she is upset and always weeps. She does not talk to anybody, and not interested in any household activity. What should I do?

    Do not worry. Whatever happened was very unfortunate and it was natural for her to be sad. But since it is very prolonged as you mentioned, it seems your wife is suffering from DEPRESSION. Be gentle to her. Try to understand her and do not criticize her. Your support, care, love is vital to her.

    Seek homeopathic treatment at the earliest. Homeopathy is highly individualized and based upon holistic assessment. It will help her with permanent relief. Patients often report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality of sleep, and digestion, and the disappearance of other symptoms which is unrelated to DEPRESSION. In many cases homeopathic treatment can achieve results which would be considered impossible with conventional treatment. You can refer any section of knowledge, information, wisdom, cases, articles, clinical tips on our portal, and begin the treatment for your loved one!

  • 3 How long do I need to take Homeopathic treatment?

    Duration of treatment varies from patient to patient and stage of disease. It depends on many factors like disease severity, patient's cooperation, patient's response to medicine, giving correct history and the cause of the disease etc.

  • 4 Why does Depression case lead to Suicide? How can Homeopathy help in prevention of suicide?

    Not every Depression case leads to SUICIDE. Depression is like a termite which eats up all the hope and happiness in patient's life. Patient feels everything around him is DARK. All the desire to LIVE vanishes. All the hopes, dreams, and desires evaporate into fumes. Life seems like a big BURDEN. GUILT fills in the mind to such an extent that patient hate himself. He thinks he is responsible for all the problems in his or his loved one's life. In this scenario, only RESOLUTION that comes into patient's mind is self harm or suicide. Patient constantly dwells on the ideas to kill himself.

    Homeopathy treats patient from his most inner self. It deals with patient's mind and body. It provides most SIMILIMUM medicine to patient's condition and therefore as the medicine starts acting on patient he develops desire to live. Negative thoughts go away and thus suicidal tendency also decreases. HOMEOPATHY has always proved its worth in many diseases.

  • 5 What kind of diet is advisable in Depression?

    There is no solid proof of role of food in Depression. Though, in general, following types of food may be of help.

    • Take omega 3 fatty food rich diet- like Salmon, Tuna, walnuts, flax seeds, and beans.
    • Take Vitamin rich diet- Sunflower seeds and oil, pistachio, meat, fish, chicken, banana, avocadoes, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes etc.
    • Take food rich in Folic Acid- like spinach and avocado.
    • Consume more water.

  • 6 Does exercise and lifestyle management help in reducing symptoms of Depression?

    Yes, definitely. Exercises, stress management and yoga are very effective in management of depression. It improves mood of the patient. Enough physical activities also improve sleep and appetite. Also it is important for patient to socialize, since it will divert their attention from negative thoughts. Finally you should prioritize the health because health is wealth. You can practice yoga. You can also enrol in some stress management classes. Depression decreases your work efficiency and productivity. Try taking out at least one hour time daily for yourself.

  • 7 How can parents deal with teenage Depression?

    Teenagers are more volatile than any other age group. You need immense patience to deal with them.

    • First of all, you should give tremendous unconditional support and love to your kid. Family support is the key to healing. All you need is, to be very patient and empathetic. Also being informative is very handy, as it will prepare you to tackle situations.
    • Do not compare them with their siblings or peers.
    • If they commit mistake, do not scold them. They will rebel if you criticize them again and again. Explain them your point of view with love and patience.
    • Never criticize them or show lack of respect towards them.
    • Try not to bring the topic of depression in front of the child. Help him/her to lead a normal life.Homeopathy provides wonderful line of treatment for your growing up kids. Also it will proactively ensure relief of all other associated problems (if any).

  • 8 Is there anything that I can do to avoid Depression?

    There are no full proof measures to prevent depression. But certain preventive measures are there-

    • Avoid stress. Remember problems are part of life, they come and go.
    • Do not blame yourself.
    • Share your problems
    • Be happy and positive.
    • Focus on positives of life.
    • Stick to therapy and medication.
    • Practice exercise, yoga, meditation and stress management.
    • Seek treatment at earliest.
    • Eat healthy. Get enough sleep
    • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
    • Indulge in hobbies.

  • 9 How homeopathic medicines treat Depression?

    Homeopathy is very proficient in managing the symptoms of depression and has an excellent success rate in homeopathic treatment for depression. It is a patient-oriented science and medicines are prescribed on the characteristics of the individual rather than just the symptoms of the disease. Homeopathic medicines are so much diluted so they are safe and side-effect free. They boost your body's defence system towards direction of relief.

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  • 10 How effective does Homeopathy work in DEPRESSION?

    Homeopathic treatment for depression is becoming the first choice of management all around the world.

    • Homeopathy is a natural science and provides holistic approach to heal a person.
    • It uses minute doses of specific remedies.
    • Depression has many emotional and personal causative factors. Since Homeopathy, considers each patient unique; it approaches INDIVIDUALISTIC measures for each and every patient.
    • It differentiates each patient on Rare, Peculiar, Unique, Characteristic symptoms.

    Homeopathy is referred to as 'alternative treatment' but act as complementary which can be used along with conventional medicines. Get the World's Best Treatment at your doorstep.

  • 11 What are the conventional treatments available for Depression?

    Antidepressants are used in the conventional way of treatment. However the drugs tolerance is quite limited with possibility of side effects. Moreover these drugs cause dependency. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is found to be effective in depression treatment. CBT is a talking therapy and it focuses on particular problems.

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