• Depression Complications

Complications of Depression
  • Self-hatred and harm: Due to intense feelings of self-hatred, depressed people can indulge in activities harming themselves like scratching or slapping themselves, making multiple cuts on their body, etc.
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Depressed people try to find solace in alcohol, smoking, sleeping pills and even illicit drugs. Slowly, dependence on these substances increases and the individual gets addicted.
  • Physical illnesses: Physical ailments can lead to or even be a consequence of Depression. It is common for depressed individuals to suffer from Eating disorders, Sleeping disorders, etc.
  • Unemployment and social isolation: Depressed people keep themselves isolated, aloof. They avoid all social functions, interactions, gatherings, parties, functions, etc. This attitude can even cost them their job.
  • Suicide: The most devastating complication of Depression is suicide. Upto 2/3rd of suicides occur as a result of Depression. Also depressed men are more likely to commit suicide than depressed women.