• Depression Causes

Causes of Depression

Any event that causes the development of stress in a person is a potential trigger for Depression.

Causes of Depression include:

  • Traumatic events: Many times, certain events like terrorist attacks, mass murders, earthquakes, etc. may have a deep impact on a person and cause depressive episodes.
  • Stress: Stress at home or at workplace is one of the most alarming causes of Depression in long run.
  • Abuse: Depression is common in those people with a past history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • Unfortunate events: The death of close family member or friend naturally brings grief to an individual. But if it is prolonged or affects daily activities, it becomes a cause of concern.
  • Financial losses: Unemployment or sudden loss of job are among the most significant causes of Depression in majority of people.
  • Emotional losses: Failure in relationships with parents, children, friends, spouse or disappointment in love may also cause depression.
  • Medications: Certain medicines like steroids and antiviral drugs can cause low mood as a side effect.
  • Heredity: Depression has also been seen to run in families.
  • Personality trait: Certain people who are inherently anxious and hyper-reactive by nature are more susceptible to Depression.
  • Serious and chronic physical illness: Person suffering from prolonged chronic illnesses and terminal diseases can plunge into serious depressive states. Other causes of Depression include neurological diseases like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and even Epilepsy.
  • Substance abuse: People who are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, medical and illicit drugs may progress into Depression.
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