• Depression Definition


Depression is defined as a clinical condition characterized by prolonged low mood and sadness. The person feels his life is useless and there is no happiness. There is strong feeling of hopelessness, emptiness and numbness.


  • Teen Depression
    • Depression seen in teenagers is most commonly due to peer pressure.
    • Drug and alcohol abuse is frequently witnessed.
    • It may lead to poor concentration, thereby poor performance in studies and subsequently more depression.
  • Depression in Women:
    • Women are more susceptible to depression than men.
    • Hormonal factors, social and family pressures are the most important contributing factors.
    • A variant of depression commonly seen nowadays is the depression that comes on after delivery of a newborn.
    • This is due to extreme pressure of care of new born, hormonal changes and from severe expectations.
    • This may even cause severe devastating consequences like killing of newborn by mother.
  • Depression in Men:
    • Men tend to hide their weakness, insecurities and feelings. That is why depression is more pronounced in men.
    • They feel restless and agitated and usually fall prey to substance abuse and bad company.
  • Depression in Older Age:
    • Due to dependency on children or others for their financial and physical needs, senior citizens face rejection at every stage.
    • They are easily ignored, feel helpless and mistreated;, and this causes depression.
Defination of Depression

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