• Deafness (Hearing Loss) Treatment


Treatment for Deafness (Hearing Loss) depends on the cause of hearing loss and its severity.

  • Removing Wax: Your doctor may remove earwax by loosening it with oil and then flushing, scooping or suctioning the softened wax out.
  • Hearing Aids: Hearing aids help by making sounds stronger and easier for you to hear. An audiologist can discuss with you the potential benefits of using a hearing aid, recommend a device and fit you with it. Hearing aids are usually used in treatment for deafness (Hearing Loss) induced by noise or age-related.
  • Cochlear Implants: They is inserted to help patients whose hearing impairment is caused by hair cell damage in the cochlea.
  • Early detection and intervention is the most important factor in minimizing the impact of hearing loss on a child's development and academic performance. Children with deafness should be given the opportunity to learn sign language along with their families.