• Deafness (Hearing Loss) Preventions

Prevention of Deafness
  • To reduce potential hearing loss, avoid prolonged exposure to sound above 90 decibels.

    Examples of Decibel Levels include:

    • Rock concerts, firecrackers (140 decibels)
    • Loud bass in cars, snowmobiles (120 decibels)
    • Chainsaw (110 decibels)
    • Wood shop (100 decibels)
    • Lawn mowers, motorcycles (90 decibels)
    • City traffic noise (80 decibels)
    • Normal conversation (60 decibels)
    • Refrigerator humming (40 decibels)
  • Protect your ears at workplace. Wear earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Turn down the volume when listening music on headphones.
  • Never use hairpins or match sticks or any objects for cleaning the ears.
    • Screening for and treating Syphilis and other infections during pregnancy.
    • Avoiding the use of ototoxic drugs, unless prescribed and monitored by a qualified physician.