• Bronchial Asthma Preventions


Bronchial Asthma is a recurring disease with significant mortality and morbidity. Fortunately, effective preventive measures along with the right medicines go a long way in relieving patients.

  • Avoid cigarette smoking: Smoking during pregnancy can affect the baby and increases risk of Childhood Asthma. Also, a person with existing Asthma must refrain from smoking to prevent further attacks.
  • Identify and avoid allergens: Try to identify all the triggering irritants and make note of them in a diary. Learn ways and means to prevent exposure to allergens such as staying indoors during cold, humid weather, avoiding places known to have excessive pollen like gardens, etc. Avoid using aerosols or spray cleaners in the bedroom to reduce attacks.
  • Contact: Avoid closed contact with individuals suffering from cold, flu or any other respiratory diseases. Do not share personal belongings with them especially in cases of children.
  • Occupational hazards: It is not possible to quit your job, but you can prevent getting attacks of Asthma by using respiratory protective equipment or a nose or face mask.
  • Monitor yourself well: Make a diary and write down about the frequency and severity of complaints of asthma. Talk to your doctor and plan your treatment accordingly.
  • Pranayama: The word "Prana" means life force or air. Pranayam means to "control the breath". Pranayama strengthens the lungs which in turn can improve the blood circulation and provides a healthy life. Regular practice of pranayama helps to prevent a number of respiratory illnesses including Asthma.