• Bronchial Asthma Introduction


Every now and then, we hear about people being hypersensitive to different kinds of substances like pollen, dust, perfumes, house mites, humid weather, cold foods, etc. And with increase in the level of air pollution, coupled with bad lifestyle habits, it is easy to succumb to different allergies including the distressing disease of Asthma.

Asthma induces a state of panic in most people and they tend to look for instant relief. In the bargain, all they get is a temporary respite and permanent dependence on the inhaler.

Most cases of Asthma are likely to appear during childhood, but can be even seen in older age. The severity and intensity of Asthma too, varies from person to person. Some may experience only mild symptoms while others may have acutely intense manifestations. A severe asthmatic attack, if not adequately treated can be life threatening resulting into death.

Despite remarkable advancements in diagnosis and management of diseases, effective therapeutic intervention for permanent relief from Asthma is yet elusive in most medical treatment modes. Treatments offered usually cater to only short-lived relief and not prevention of recurrence.

Homeopathic, being a tailor-made individualistic therapeutic modality has the potential scope in treating this disease by giving immense relief from acute and recurrent attacks of cough and wheezing in Asthma. Its individualistic approach will boost the immunity and thereby reduce the severity and recurrence of attacks.

It will also help the individual to resume his/ her daily activities and will definitely reduce the dependency on inhalers and bronchodilators.