• Bronchial Asthma Home Remedies

Home Remedies
  • Make sure that proper hygiene is maintained to prevent infections.
  • Keep your house as clean as possible and free from dust and pet dander.
  • If you live in damp climate, use a dehumidifier at home.
  • Use a face mask to prevent irritants entering your respiratory system.
  • Perform deep breathing exercises like blowing into a balloon to improve your lung function (Please consult a qualified medical expert before performing any breathing exercises).
  • Avoid smoking, especially during pregnancy and after birth as it can affect the baby and increase risk of Childhood Asthma.
  • Avoid cold food and drinks and also refrain from consuming foods that have artificial colors.
  • Avoid long-term or persistent exposure to products with strong odors and chemicals which act as irritants, possibly causing exacerbations. Examples are paints, vehicular fumes, insecticides, perfumes, sprays, etc.
  • Do not stop or consume any medications without the consent of your doctor.