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Homeopathy is a natural system of medicines that utilizes minute doses of well-researched remedies to enhance the body's natural healing process. Homeopathic treatment for Asthma treats the patient as a whole through promotion of inner balance at mind, emotional and spiritual level by raising the quality of immunity.

  • Homeopathic treatment for Asthma believes in prescribing for the individual in disease rather than just the disease in individual. The complete physical and emotional make-up is considered while making a prescription.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Asthma targets the immune system and modifies the hypersensitive response of the lungs so that breathlessness and excess mucous discharge does not occur. This not only reduces severity of the attack, but helps to prevent further attacks.
  • In Acute stage of disease, homeopathic treatment for Asthma can provide quick relief to the patient from dry irritating cough and breathlessness.
  • Different manifestations of the disease are treated with different medicines in homeopathic treatment for Asthma depending on the characteristics of the patient. For e.g.
    • Rumex: This remedy suits patients in homeopathic treatment for Asthma who have dry teasing cough initially, followed by stringy cough. Complaints increase on talking, by pressure and taking in cold air.
    • Kali bichromicum: One of the best choices in homeopathic treatment for Asthma when the character of cough is yellow, stringy and sticky mucus. Complaints are worse in the morning.
    • Natrum sulphuricum: Indicated in homeopathic treatment for Asthma aggravates in rainy season or in moist conditions. Must hold the chest while coughing
    • Aralia diadema: Dry cough, choking sensation, attack comes on after first sleep, worse lying down.

There are more than 300 remedies in homeopathic treatment for Asthma of both, acute and chronic variety, as well as its various stages. The sooner treatment is begun, the better are the outcomes.

SNEEZING, Asthma, with: 1Gink, 1Lach, 1Pect, 1Ros-ca-a, 1Sil

ASTHMA: 1Agath-a, 1Ail, 1Alco, 1All-c, 1Ambro, 1Aml-n, 1Ant-t, 4ARAL, "3Ars, 3Ars-i, 1Arum-t, 1Bac, 3bad, 3bell, 1bomb-pr, 1calad, 4calc, 1calc-f, 1camph, 1cand-a, 3carb-v, 1carc, 1caust, 1cer-o, 3chin, 1chin-ar, 1chlor, 1cist, 1cordys-s, 1cycl, 3dulc, 1eucal, 1euph, 1euph-pi, 3euphr, 3excr-can, 1gall-ac, 3gels, 1gink, 3glyc-g, 1grin, 1haliae-lc, 4hep, 1hera, 1holm-o, 1hydr-ac, 4ictod, 4iod, 3ip, 1kali-bi, 1kali-c, 1kali-fcy, 3kali-i, 3kali-p, 1kali-s-chr, 3lach, 1linu-u, 3lob, 1lob-p, 1lycpr, 1mang, 1med, 1mosch, 3naja, 1naphtin, 3nat-ar, 1nat-c, 1nat-m, 3nat-s, 1nuph, 3nux-v, 1ol-an, 3op, 1oxyg, 1pect, 1phle, 3phos, 1plb, 2plut, 1psor, 3puls, 1queb, 1ros-ca-a, 1ros-d, 3sabad, 3sang, 1sep, 4sil, 3sin-n, 3stict, 1succ, 1sul-i, 4sulph, 1ter, 1thul-p, 1tub

ASTHMA, Miner's asthma, from coal dust: 1Carbn-s, 1Card-m, 3Nat-ar, 1Sil, 1Sulph

ANGER, Asthma, with: 1Arn, 1Ars, 1Carc, 2Cham, 1Manc, 1Nux-v, 1Pitu-a

The remedy abbreviations with
  • 4 marks- most effective,
  • 3 marks- quite effective,
  • 2 marks- less effective,
  • 1 mark- least effective.
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