• Vertigo Introduction


Do you frequently feel that the world is spinning around you? Do you often feel unsteady and happen to lose your balance sometimes? Well then, you have a symptom called Vertigo. However, do keep in mind that Vertigo is just a symptom; and the problem could be something else.

But do not worry at all as Homeopathy is just the right solution for your problem. Besides the symptom of vertigo, Homeopathy will help to fight the underlying disease as well. And the great news is that Homeopathy has enormous success rate in the treatment of Vertigo. Click to jump to Homeopathic Treatment.

Facts About Vertigo

Did you know that vertigo is the second most common complaint heard in a doctor's clinic?

Dizziness and vertigo are the most common medical complaints and may be present in all ages, with around 20-30% of the general population being affected.

Around 70% of the population will experience at least one episode of dizziness or vertigo at some point in their whole life. Its likelihood increases with age.

It is 2-3 times commoner in women than in men.

About 25% above the age of 75 years suffer from vertigo.

Falls due to vertigo is one of the leading causes of injury deaths in people above 65 years.

Introduction of Vertigo
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