• Nasal Polyps Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests

Nasal Polyps are readily diagnosed on clinical examination by a qualified physician. However, if the polyp is partially visible or not visible, your doctor can advise you to undergo certain investigations like:

  • Nasal Endoscopy: In case the polyp is not visible, a rhinoscope is introduced in the nose and the location and type of polyps are assessed.
  • CT scan or MRI: Some polyps that are located deeper in the sinuses can be seen only by a CT scan or MRI.
  • Allergy Tests: Allergy tests can be performed either by a skin test or blood test. A skin allergy test is generally a specific test for specific allergy-causing agents and blood test determines the specific antibodies to allergens.
  • Genetic tests: If a child has cystic fibrosis, the genetic component must be screened.