• Nasal Polyps Preventions

Nasal Polyps Prevention

Nasal Polyps cannot be prevented as such. However, some measures to prevent infections can be taken.

  • Hygiene: A basic simple habit of washing hands regularly is sure to prevent bacterial and viral infections.
  • Humidity: Sometimes, a humidifier is of great use, especially in patients who already suffer from a pre-existing respiratory condition. This helps easy flow of mucus through breathing passages and prevents inflammation.
  • Avoid substances that irritate the nose and breathing passages: Restrict exposure to allergens like pollen, perfumes, smoke, tobacco, dust, chemical fumes which cause inflammation and irritation of the nasal passage.
  • Controlling Allergies and Asthma: Treating Asthma and Allergies with the right kind of medicines can prevent Nasal Polyps.
  • Nasal lavage or Nasal rinse: Rinsing the nasal passage with saline spray improves the flow of mucus along with removal of irritants.