• Nasal Polyps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What other precautions do I have to take if I have Nasal Polyps?

    • You should maintain good hygiene of the self as well as your home so that infection can be minimized.
    • Take prompt action when you suffer from common cold or any other infections.
    • You must avoid allergens like pollen, perfumes, smoke, tobacco, dust, chemical fumes which cause inflammation and irritation of the nasal passage.
    • Steam inhalation can be helpful to bring relief to the cold. Deep breathing exercises like Prananyam help to heal naturally.

    You should definitely not stuff cotton in the nose in case there is nasal bleeding.

  • 2 Is there any kind of food that I should avoid if I am suffering from nasal polyps?

    Consumption of refined fats like refined oils, corn and safflower oils should be reduced. Food allergens like soy, dairy, eggs, yeast, and gluten-containing products such as wheat, which may trigger an allergic reaction and need to be avoided.

    Other common allergens include certain food additives and preservatives found in soft drinks, food colors, canned vegetables, confectionery, candy, soft drinks, cereals, instant soups, sauces, some pastas, butter, cheese and pickled products.

  • 3 I have Nasal Polyps? What kind of food I have?

    You should have food rich in Flavonoids like onions, apples, broccoli, red grapes, cherries, citrus fruits, tea, red wine, and many berries, including raspberry and cranberry, since they help to fight respiratory infections.

    Foods rich in Omega- 3 Fatty Acids like flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans, and cold water fish like salmon, cod can help too. Foods rich in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene like yellow/orange and green vegetables like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, and fruits such as winter squash, mango, melon and apricots should be consumed.

    Stock your refrigerator with foods rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, tomatoes, papaya, yellow and red bell peppers, and Vitamin E like almonds, avocados, pumpkin, tofu, etc. Drink adequate quantity of water in a day. Around 2-3 liters should be good enough.

  • 4 I have been taking Conventional medicines for Nasal Polyps since quite a few years. Do I need to discontinue these medicines if I start Homeopathic Treatment?

    Homeopathic medicines start acting on the body immediately on starting the treatment. But since you have been taking Conventional medicines for a long time now, it is not advisable to stop them right away. On discontinuing Conventional medicines suddenly, it is possible that the disease may return with a higher intensity.

    Under the guidance of your homeopathic physician, you may taper the Conventional doses even as your homeopathic treatment continues. Eventually, you can discontinue your Conventional medicines.

  • 5 What happens if I stop the Homeopathic treatment?

    To get best results and to make sure the disease does not recur, Homeopathic treatment should be undertaken for the required course advised by your Expert. However, under circumstances where Homeopathy may have to be discontinued, do not worry about any unwanted side effects and the disease will not intensify.

  • 6 How will Homeopathy help me with nasal polyps?

    Homeopathy works on the individual in the most natural way. By acting upon all the aspects, which are mind, body and spirit, it restores the life force of the body.

    The scientifically chosen homeopathic medicine can help to reduce the frequency of getting repeated infections.

    Homeopathy is known to build a strong immune system within the individual and enhance the body's resistance to diseases to fight them in the most natural way. Homeopathy will not only treat the existing symptoms of Nasal Polyps, but will also make sure that there is no relapse or recurrence.

    If you are looking for a smarter option to treat nasal polyps, this is it! Register with us NOW or Login if you already have an account with us and begin your consultation.

  • 7 Isn't there an easier and safer way to treat nasal polyps?

    Of course there is! In one line, HOMEOPATHY is the way!

    Simply put, it is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest way (See Homeopathic Treatment For Nasal Polyps) and it makes sure that the immunity of the patient is strengthened in a way that the disease cannot recur again.

    Choose the right way! Choose Homeopathy! Start a Consultation with our Expert NOW! Still thinking? Read our next answer to clear all doubts!

  • 8 How effective is it if I get my nasal polyps surgically removed?

    There are surgeries available for nasal polyps in which polyps are removed directly (Polypectomy) or through an endoscope (Endoscopoic Sinus Surgery).

    However, even surgery may not seem like a permanent solution if the underlying cause is not treated, because more than 50% of patients experience recurrence of polyps even after surgical removal. Surgery is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

    If a long-lasting solution is what you are looking for, Homeopathy is your best bet! Start a Consultation with one of our Experts. We guarantee a thorough analysis of your case and the most appropriate and honest solution for you!

  • 9 Will I have to take medicines for the rest of my life for my nasal polyps?

    Nasal Polyps, if treated with conventional treatment, may require frequent repetitions as long as there are symptoms. Also, because Conventional medicine does not offer an effective solution against recurrence, you may have to take medication for a long time.

    But, if you are being treated by a qualified Homeopathic Expert, your disease will be taken care in the most natural, gentle & long-lasting way and you may not be required to take medicines for the rest of your life.

    If you are looking for a side effect-free, enduring and smarter solution, Homeopathy is your answer! Begin your treatment with us now! Register or Login to your existing account.

  • 10 What treatment options are available for nasal polyps?

    Conventional medicine primarily dictates the use of steroidal nasal sprays/decongestants to treat nasal polyps. The sprays basically reduce the size of the polyps by suppressing the natural immune response of the body.

    Most physicians also prescribe antibiotics and anti-allergic medications to take care of any infection or allergy respectively. A major downside of these treatments is that they give only temporary relief at best, and are absolutely ineffective in preventing recurrence of polyps.

    Homeopathy provides a more wholesome and long-lasting solution to this irritating condition. There are more than 50 well-proved and verified remedies that can effectively:

    • Treat nasal polyps
    • Reduce their recurrence.

    So what are you waiting for? Get rid of nasal polyps and breathe easy. Register and begin your homeopathic treatment with our Experts now!

  • 11 Can I take over-the-counter medicines for common cold to treat nasal polyps?

    No. It is definitely not advisable to take over-the-counter medicines to suppress your symptoms of nasal polyps. They do not address the cause, and only help you temporarily. In the long run, the disease may progress and you might end up struggling with the added side effects of these medicines.

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