• Nasal Polyps Definition

What is Nasal Polyps?

Nasal Polyps are sac-like, soft growths or fleshy swellings in the inner lining of the nose and sinuses. They may occur singly or in bunches like grapes and are yellowish, grayish, brownish or pinkish in color. They are usually benign in nature.

They are of two types: 1) Ethmoidal and 2) Antro-choanal

  • Ethmoidal Polyps: These polyps arise from the ethmoidal sinuses (cavities that are present behind the root of the nose).They are generally multiple and both-sided.
  • Antro-choanal Polyps: They arise from maxillary sinuses (present in the upper jaw). These polyps are generally single and one-sided. They are less common.

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