• Nasal Polyps Introduction

Nasal Polyps

A runny nose with stuffed up feeling inside.

Snoring like an engine in overdrive...

Do they sound like your symptoms? Does it seem like a Cold that just doesn't go away?

Well then, maybe that is because you may be suffering from something more than just a common cold. It could be Nasal Polyps.

Homeopathy can provide you with all the care and comfort that you seek for, and that too, without the need for Surgery! It has magnificent success in the treatment of Nasal Polyps.

Nasal Polyps are a commonly occurring disorder of the upper respiratory tract, seen mostly in young and middle-aged adults. They occur as a result of a long-standing chronic inflammation due to Asthma, repeated Respiratory infections, Allergies, Drug sensitivity or Immune disorders.

Nasal Polyps are sac-like, soft or fleshy swellings in the inner lining of the nose and sinuses. It may be single or may occur in bunches like grapes. They could be yellowish, grayish, brownish or pinkish in color. They are usually benign in nature.

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