• Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What is the prognosis of UTI?

    The prognosis of UTI mainly depends upon the nature and severity of the disease. Most cases of UTI will respond quickly with good prognosis and without any complications. But in some cases, there are chances that infection can spread to kidney causing potential damage and scarring of kidneys. Also recurrent infection can lead to kidney failure, leading to poor prognosis.

  • 2 My sister has developed UTI, what specific precautions I need to take for her?

    UTI is often a painful and annoying disease. It affects mainly women and children. Mainly in women, improper hygiene and frequent sexual intercourse are the common source of infections.

    Since your sister has developed UTI, following preliminary measures needs to be taken by her such as-

    • Cleaning the genitals after passing urine and stool and properly washing hands
    • Avoid wearing tight fitting undergarments as sometimes some fabric might cause the growth of bacteria. Hence wearing cotton underwear is advisable.
    • Ensure that she drinks plenty of fluids to flush out all the toxins out from the body
    • Ask her not to use any deodorant sprays or other chemicals, douches and powders in the genital area.
    • Avoid sour citrus fruits, vinegar, proteins like egg, fish, and chicken because they make the urine more acidic.

    Thus we can control the infection easily and can prevent its relapse.

  • 3 I am suffering from UTI; do I need to follow some particular diet?

    It is said that foods and juices are natural treatments for urinary tract infections (UTIs). They should be consumed daily to avoid UTI. Such as-

    • Foods such as plums, corn, lentils, bread products, peanuts and walnuts should be consumed.
    • Juices such as cranberry and/or blueberry are taken to prevent bacteria from entering to the lining of the bladder.
    • Warm water with lemon juice will prevent multiplication of bacteria.
    • Plenty of food rich in anti-oxidants should be taken.
    • Alfalfa sprouts should be taken with salads as a powerful natural remedy for UTIs and cystitis.

    To get more details, please read Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Diet and Nutrition.

  • 4 I have heard that if I start homeopathic medicines then I have to continue it for life long? Is this true?

    Homeopathic treatment for any disease will depend on the nature and severity of disease. It also depends upon person's sensitivity and reactivity. Some people will quickly respond to few doses of medicines and get permanently treated whereas few might take little long time. Thus it is a myth that homeopathic medicines take a long time to treat a disease and treatment should be for life-long.

  • 5 I am suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection since 1 year, is there any medicine that can deal with UTI permanently without any side effects?

    There is a much better way than conventional medicines to get relief from UTI. Homeopathic treatment for UTI is effective in treating acute, chronic and recurrent urinary infections. It offers great relief in bladder infection relieves the pain and foster quick recovery to the patients

    Homeopathy is a much safer and better mode of treatment, especially in cases of children. It does not cause any unwanted side effects, but gives lasting relief to the patient without any relapse. Its holistic approach will help to enhance the immune system of the body thus preventing it from serious complications. There are more than 100 homeopathic medicines which are used successfully in UTI. So what are you waiting for....Quickly opt for homeopathy and get free from the pain and suffering of UTI.

  • 6 My daughter is frequently getting pain in urethra during urination, are there any medicines available to get her free from pain?

    Yes, infections of urinary tract can get clear quickly in few days with conventional medicines. But conventional medicines will not provide complete treatment of UTI and will not help to treat the disease from its root. Also in case of frequent UTI a long course of antibiotics regimen is recommended. These antibiotics can weaken our immune system inviting many more illnesses.

    On the contrary, homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe and provide gentle permanent relief for UTI. It will not only treat the disease deeply but will also help to reduce the frequency and severity of illness. Read more about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Treatment.

  • 7 My mother was suffering from profuse bleeding with endometriosis, so we got her hysterectomy done. She was catheterized by the doctors and after 1 day she started complaining of pain in urethra while urination. Can catheter increase the risk of getting UTI? Please explain?

    Yes, patients who have difficulty in passing urine and use a catheter have more risk of developing UTI. This is mainly seen in hospitalised and among bed-ridden patients. Catheter, if remained for longer period of time without being replaced has a higher risk of growth of bacteria leading to UTI.

    Thus it is necessary that catheter should be used when required and should be replaced regularly to avoid the chances of contamination.Also when catheter is placed or replaced then make sure that it is done with proper aseptic measures.

  • 8 Can untreated UTI lead to any serious complication?

    Most cases of UTI are well treated with conventional medicines without any side effects, but sometimes if left untreated it may lead to hazardous complication such as-

    • Kidney infection(Pyelonephrites)- It occurs when bacteria travels to ureters and kidneys(Upper Urinary Tract Infection) causing permanent damage to kidneys
    • Blood poisoning (sepsis) - It is one of the fatal complications of kidney infection which occurs when bacteria spreads from the kidneys into the bloodstream affecting different organs.
    • Kidney failure- In adults, recurrent UTIs may cause scarring in the kidneys leading to permanent damage and failure of kidneys
    • Pregnancy - In pregnancy UTI can affect both mother and foetus causing premature birth and high blood pressure

    Homeopathy provides a safe and gentle treatment to get relief from the symptoms of UTI. We have wonderful remedies for the acute phase of the disease which provides quick recovery without being progressing into recurrent chronic complaints and leading to any serious complications. To get more information read more about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Complications.

  • 9 My friend, 30 years nullipara is 7 month pregnant, since 4-5 days she has started complaining of severe pain and burning in urination, can this cause any problem to her or her foetus?

    It is seen that pregnant women have higher risk of developing UTI and it can be serious if not handle properly. If your friend is suffering from burning urination, then she should consult the doctor immediately to avoid serious complications affecting her and foetus like early labour and premature birth.

  • 10 How do I confirm that I am suffering from UTI?

    Urinary tract infection cannot be solely diagnosed on the basis of medical history. To confirm the diagnosis simple laboratory procedures is recommended.

    • Examination of urine-It is done to detect the presence of bacteria, red cells and pus cells
    • Urine culture- If there is persistent pain with high fever, culture of urine is done to identify the bacteria and sensitivity

    Read more about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Tests & Diagnosis.

  • 11 My 9 year old child is complaining of burning urination since 3-4 days, what preventive measures should I take to avoid recurrent urinary infection?

    UTI is more common in infants and even older children. We should follow some preventive measures so that the infection is in control. In case of older children, the importance of personal hygiene should be explained. After every bowel movement they should wipe the area round the anus and vagina with wipe tissues and properly wash their hands.

    Ensure that your child urinate every 3-4 hours during day and night and does not hold urine for longer period of time. Hydrate them with plenty of fluids so that they flush out all the toxins out from their body. Hence to get more information, read Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Prevention.

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