• Osteoporosis Treatment

  • Food and Nutrition: Calcium with Vitamin D helps in bone strengthening.
  • Lifestyle change: Completely shunning smoking and alcohol is the first step to a better lifestyle. Live a stress-free life with meditation and yoga. Exercise is also very useful.
  • Medication: Certain medications like biphosphonates, risedronate, etidronate, alendronate are used in treatment for Osteoporosis. Other medicines used are raloxifene, teriparatide etc. These medicines have varied side effects ranging from skin rash and abdominal pains to internal clotting and even stroke.

What is needed is a safer and better form of treatment for Osteoporosis to ease the present troubles of the patient as well as avoid painful and distressing side effects.

Is there an answer? YES! The answer is in Homeopathy.

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