• Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Certain factors are commonly associated with Osteoporosis, although a definite proof is not available.

  • Age: Osteoporosis is commoner after 45 years of age.
  • Gender: Women are twice as likely to be affected by Osteoporosis as compared to men.
  • Built: Very thin, lean, small-statured person with BMI less than 19 are at higher risk.
  • Family History: Osteoporosis is known to run in families.
  • Medical conditions: Few diseases like chronic kidney and liver diseases, hormonal discrepancies and even eating disorders can predispose to Osteoporosis. Early menopause/hysterectomy is another predisposing factor.
  • Medication: Steroids, chemotherapeutic drugs, proton pump inhibitors like esmoprazole, pantoprazole, long-term contraceptive injections, etc. can cause bone loss and precipitate Osteoporosis.
  • Race: Asian and European people have been seen to suffer from Osteoporosis more frequently than other individuals.
  • Hormones: Low levels of sex hormones, either oestrogen or testosterone can cause Osteoporosis by causing rapid reduction in bone mineral density.
  • Lifestyle: Lack of physical activity and exercise are important risk factors. Poor exposure to sunlight may cause weak bones.
  • Previous history of fall: Those with a previous history of fall or injury are most at risk of developing Osteoporosis and fractures.