• Obesity Preventions

Prevention of Obesity


Regular exercises are a must to maintain a healthy body and mind. Make sure to go for a minimum of 15 minutes of work out in any form daily like walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing, yoga, etc. This will boost your metabolism and will not allow fat deposition in your body.

Have healthy food:

Choose healthy food like fresh fruits, vegetables and salads over processed food, refined food, fast food and sweets. Eating in proportion is as important as eating healthy. Even healthy food taken in large quantities will lead to overweight. Have smaller meals throughout the day rather than large meals once or twice a day.

Know your moods and food:

Often our moods trigger our eating patterns. So maintain a journal of what you eat and which time of the day. Mention whether you were actually hungry or were just following a daily pattern. Observe your moods when you are eating. For example, you may be stressed or anxious or depressed etc. while you were having something. Eventually you will find a pattern between the food and your mental state and you will be able to plan out strategies to tackle such situations.

Consistency is the key:

Be consistent in what you do and stick to a plan no matter what day it is, be it a birthday or a vacation, etc.

Get out of the world of illusion:

The illusionary world means the world of television, internet, video games, mobile, etc. Limit your time for such distractions to a minimum. Be physically active and don't restrict yourself to the couch.

Keep a tab on your health:

Go for regular health checkups and keep a track record of your weight too.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol is high in calories. 1 pint of strong cider contains 574 kcal and 1 small glass of red wine is approx 90 kcal. A person drinking 2 glasses of wine per day will take in sufficient calories to account for a weight gain of 20 lbs per year.

Manage your mind:

Always try to be in a balanced, calm and peaceful state of mind. Deal with stress positively. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation are very helpful for a healthy mind and body. Communicate. Express and do not suppress anything, but in a very effective way.