• Obesity Home Remedies

Home Remedies


  • Have food low on fat, like salads, pulses, oats, etc. and take small meals every few hours instead of three huge meals.
  • Practice breathing exercises every day. They help in stimulating digestive power and metabolic processes keeping you physically and mentally fit and fine.
  • Control cravings for food high in refined carbohydrates and fats like bread, dairy products, fast food and processed food.
  • Consume more of citrus fruits like oranges and grapes as they help in dispensing fats.
  • Include food rich in Vitamin B12 in your diet. They help in building tissues without needing you to resorting to too many fats.
  • Avoid alcohol which is high in calories and also stimulates hunger.
  • Make sure that you drink warm or lukewarm water mostly. It stimulates metabolism and also quenches thirst.
  • Exercises are a must. Keep yourself physically active.
  • Ensure adequate sleep of at least 7-8 hours for a day.
  • Get in touch with your wants and learn to set realistic goals.


  • Do not skip your meals as they trick the body into storing more fat.
  • Do not overeat. Even if you are eating the right food, overeating can be bad for you.
  • Do not eat late and do not change your meal times very often.
  • Understand that feeling fat can be about hidden feelings; don't rush to beat yourself up.
  • Fat feelings pass, so relax and don't panic.
  • Do not stress out in trying to lose weight. It will just reverse your efforts.