• Chikungunya Symptoms


The classic triad symptoms of Chikungunya include Fever, Rash and Arthralgia.

  • Fever: Body temperature soars fast and can peak anywhere between 102℉ and 104℉.
Symptoms Of Chikungunya
  • Rashes: They are seen as typical red eruptions mostly on the trunk and, sometimes on hands and feet
  • Arthralgia: Very few diseases manifest such severe joint pains as Chikungunya. Quite a lot of patients also develop a passing arthritis, wherein the joints become swollen, tender and reddened.
Symptoms Of Chikungunya

Besides the main symptoms of Chikungunya, other constitutional symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, altered taste, anorexia, sensitivity to light, conjunctivitis and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.


The average duration for complete recovery is 30 days (1 month).

But, Chikungunya can cause such intense prostration and joint pains that sometimes, it has taken up to 2 years for a patient to recover completely from after-effects of the disease!