• Chikungunya Risk Factors

Risk Factors
  • Living in areas rich in marshy land: Mosquitoes actively thrive in marshy areas and Aedes Aegypti is no different. People living in such areas stand a higher chance of acquiring Chikungunya.
  • Living near construction sites or areas where stagnant water accumulates: Mosquitoes propagate in stagnant water. That is why Chikungunya is rampant in areas where much stagnant water can be found, for e.g. slums, construction sites, etc.
  • Weakened immunity: Persons harbouring a lowered resistance to diseases are more at risk of developing a more severe form of the disease.
  • Rainy season: Mosquitoes breed and thrive more during the rainy season. Hence, most mosquito-borne ailments including Chikungunya are seen more in the rainy season.