• Osteoporosis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 I have been taking various medications for Osteoporosis since 4 months. Do I need to discontinue these medicines if I start homeopathic Treatment?

    HOMEOPATHIC medicines start acting on the body immediately on starting the treatment. But since you have been taking conventional medicines for a long time now, it is not advisable to stop them right away. On stopping them all of a sudden, it is possible that the complaints return with a higher intensity. So, along with homeopathic treatment, you can gradually taper off doses of the medicine under the guidance of your expert homeopathic physician. Eventually, you can discontinue your previous medicines. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Osteoporosis Homeopathic Treatment.

  • 2 Is Homeopathic treatment painful?

    No, absolutely not. Homeopathic medicines are ones which you will love to take. Homeopathy provides gentlest way of treating your condition. Homeopathy will increase your inner strength by giving you most suitable medicine for your condition. Though certain exercises based on your condition may be prescribed. It also helps in preventing the relapse of the condition. It is natural, safe and without any side-effects and it is a patient-oriented science.

  • 3 What happens if I stop the homeopathic treatment?

    It is advisable to continue homeopathic treatment till it is recommended by the doctors, to avail maximum benefits and to avoid relapse. However, even if you stop your treatment in between owing to any important cause, and your symptoms return or increase you can always restart your treatment. Moreover if you stop treatment halfway, disease may increase in severity or result in complications. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Osteoporosis Homeopathic Treatment.

  • 4 I work in a private company as a senior manager and my work schedule is too hectic. I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. But I do not get time to do physical exercise. What do I do?

    You should prioritize your health because health is wealth. You can learn some time management and find some time to exercise. Since you are at a very responsible designation, you need to be pro-active and alert all the time. Osteoporosis keeps you at risk of fracture. If unfortunately fracture occurs it will take its own time to heal, decrease your work efficiency and productivity and will make you take a longer break from work. So, it is better to take preventive measures beforehand. Try taking out at least one hour time daily for yourself. Also consume balanced diet, exposure to adequate morning sunlight and good refreshing sleep will keep your bones healthy. Get more details from Our World's best physician.

  • 5 My daughter does not eat much. She is scared to eat and does not listen to anyone. She is diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and is under treatment. Is she likely to get Osteoporosis in future?

    Yes, unfortunately she is at higher risk to develop Osteoporosis in long run. Anorexia nervosa is a condition in which patient practically eats nothing in a day. Even if they are forced to eat they put finger at back of their mouth (induce gag reflex) and vomit the eaten food out. It is commonly seen in young girls who have tremendous peer pressure to look ultraslim. Considered a psychiatric disease it can cause Osteoporosis. The most important link between two is poor diet and extreme lack of important nutrients necessary for bone health. It may lead to deficiency of Calcium, Vitamins and other minerals in body which in turn cause severe damage to bones resulting in Osteoporosis.

  • 6 What are fragile fractures?

    Fragile fractures are defined as easy fractures and they are difficult to predict and avoid. Simple day to day activities are enough to cause fragile fractures. In severe cases of Osteoporosis, bones become so thin and weak that even minute shake is enough to cause them break. Simplest of activities like lifting grandchild may cause vertebral fracture in grandmother or cleaning utensils may lead to wrist fractures . These are grave fractures sometimes.

  • 7 What is the recommended diet for Osteoporosis?

    Diet plays a significant role in Osteoporosis prevention as well as management.

    • For natural Vitamin D expose yourself to daily morning sunlight. Also consume fish, fish oils, eggs.
    • Eat Calcium rich foods like green beans, celery, coconut, spinach, asparagus, sesame seeds, cabbage, sapote, Brussels, Gooseberry, avocados, almonds etc.
    • Cut of excess salt from your diet. Avoid packaged & processed foods.
    • Avoid soft drinks.
    • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, salt, animal protein, fats, tobacco, oxalic acid-rich foods like rhubarb, spinach, and chocolate.

  • 8 How can Osteoporosis be prevented?

    Prevention is the best measure in case of Osteoporosis. Because once bones lose their density and becomes thin, there is less chances of pre disease condition to return. Following measures will be of help-

    • Balanced diet consisting of enough calcium, minerals and Vitamin D is very important. If required doctor may advise supplements.
    • Healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise
    • Try avoiding all the possible chances of fracture. Remove all obstacles and loose carpets in the house, it may substantially reduce falls.
    • Calcium absorption in body depends on Vitamin D. Hence, expose yourself to early morning sunlight daily, to get your dose of Vitamin D.

    Routine screening is very crucial for your one bone health. Hence go for yearly screening of bone density if you are a post menopausal women and elderly above 70 years of age.

  • 9 What are the common homeopathic medicines for Osteoporosis?

    HOMEOPATHY works on the individual in the most natural way. Every individual is unique and hence treatment should also be unique and patient specific. Homeopathy believes in individualistic method of treatment. It acts upon all the aspects, which is mind, body and spirit restoring the life force of the body. Homeopathy will consider all your symptoms whether it is related with your bones or not. Hence our medication is for you.

    Perfectly chosen homeopathic medicines can help to relieve all your symptoms. It also corrects other associated symptoms if any. Homeopathic medicines treat patient and not merely disease. Homeopathy has more than 100 medicines for Osteoporosis in its treasury. Some of the common medicines Calcarea Phos, Calcarea Flour, Symphytum, Calcarea carbonica, Phosphorus, Silicea, Natrum Mur, Arnica, Calcarea Iodatum etc.

    Note: It is dangerous to self medicate, always consider your doctor's advice first. To get HOMEOPATHIC treatment from our expert doctors, click on Osteoporosis Homeopathic Treatment.

  • 10 Are homeopathic medicines required to be taken for whole life?

    No, Homeopathy does not believe in palliation. It will treat your case from roots and once it is done you need not take further medications. Since, the conventional treatment is a short lived one; it requires lifelong medication sometimes or you may have to take medicines as long as the problem persists.

    But, if you choose to take homeopathic treatment, you may not necessarily have to take them throughout as it assures you quality and healthy life along with boosting your inner vitality and immunity. It assures you a holistic treatment without any side effects. But the time required hugely depends on individual cases.

  • 11 How does homeopathy helps in Osteoporosis?

    Homeopathy is very proficient in managing the symptoms of osteoporosis. It is natural, safe and without any side-effects, and one can enjoy immense relief from living under constant threat of fracture. It has excellent success rate. It also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.

    Homeopathic medicines will:

    • Increase your bone mineral density.
    • Promotes Calcium absorption in body.
    • Prevents further damage of bones.

    Read more about these treatments by clicking on Osteoporosis Homeopathic Treatment.

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