• Migraine Treatment

Treatment of Migraine

The first thing that comes to a patient's mind in case of migraine is how bad the pain is. That is why, allopathic physicians usually begin their prescription with a painkiller in treatment for migraine. The problem is that painkillers only deal with the pain till their effect lasts, and do not tackle the root of the attack.

Moreover, prolonged use of pain relievers can lead to unwanted side effects like bleeding from the stomach, ulcers in the stomach and medication-overuse headaches.

Other medications used in treatment for migraine include triptan medications, anti-nausea drugs, and if the pain is severe, even steroids. All of these have their own effects and side effects.

The key to successful treatment for migraine is to reduce the intensity as well as frequency of the attacks, and control the tendency of the patient to react adversely to triggers.

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