• Migraine Home Remedies

Home Remedies
  • Keep a diary to record when your headache occurs, its symptoms, what you had eaten before the headache started, food cravings during that period, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle and other factors. This will help you to find out what triggers your migraine, so that you can avoid those factors and prevent further attacks.
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • During the attack, drink 3 glasses of very cold water (if this suits you) or warm water and lie down in a dark room with a cold pack on the head. Take complete bed rest.
  • Get a regular massage around the neck and shoulders to relieve the tension in the muscles. Proper rest and sleep is needed for prevention of migraine attacks.
  • Eat a proper balanced diet and maintain regular eating habits.
  • Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods like flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans and tofu. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help tremendously to reduce the intensity and frequency of attacks.
  • Limit intake of simple carbohydrates like sugar, all sugary foods, alcohol, soda, etc. Take a high-fiber diet- whole grains, bran, oat, green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, potatoes, raw vegetables, salads, dried fruits and fresh fruits.

  • Don't eat too many sweets or fat-rich items.
  • Don't eat at odd times.
  • Don't have long intervals between meals; eat healthy snacks at frequent intervals throughout the day, to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Don't overexert yourself. Do regular moderate exercise.
  • Avoid going out in sun; when unavoidable, carry an umbrella and wear dark glasses.
  • Avoid taking pain killers and oral contraceptives.
  • Avoid strong smelling perfumes, deodorants and detergents.