• Migraine Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms
  • Painkillers: Group of allopathic drugs that are used to achieve relief from pain. They are medically termed "analgesics"
  • Asthma: This is a chronic disease of the airways characterised by breathlessness, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest.
  • Neurological: Pertaining to the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) of the body.
  • Autonomic Nervous System: It is that part of the nervous system that is responsible for controlling many involuntary activities of the human body including breathing, swallowing, salivation, digestion, sweating, urination, sexual arousal, etc.
  • Aura: This is a disturbance of perception experienced by people with migraine. It usually presents as flashes of light before the eyes, strange smell or confused thoughts.
  • Triptans: They are mid-line drugs used in the treatment of migraine, after painkillers have failed.
  • Oral Contraceptives: These are medications taken by mouth as a means of achieving birth control. As of now, oral contraceptives are available only for females.
  • Obesity: A condition in which there is excess accumulation of fat in the body to the extent that health gets adversely affected and life expectancy may get shortened.
  • Coronary Heart Disease: It is a disease involving faulty blood supply to the heart because of narrowing of the coronary vessels (blood vessels of the heart), mostly because of blockage by cholesterol.
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