• Migraine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 My son, 14 year old, has been diagnosed AMNESIA with ACUTE CONFUSIONAL MIGRAINE, 2 years back after accidental death of his best friend. He is very sensitive in nature. There is no progress in his condition in spite of conventional treatment. His memory is disturbed with frontal headache. Can he take homeopathic medicines? Does homeopathy give gentle relief to him?

    Generally acute confusional migraine occurs in children and adolescents with some impairment of orientation during attack and problem in recalling events after the attack is over.

    Amnesia means a deficit in memory caused by brain damage due to injury to the brain or psychological trauma. There is deep effect on your son because of death of his best friend. This mental trauma is the main responsible factor in development of amnesia in your son. Before puberty, there is a mild male predominance is seen in migraine.

    You can switch on Homeopathic treatment because HOMEOPATHIC medicines start acting on the body immediately on starting the treatment. But since your son has been taking conventional medicines for a long time now, it is not advisable to stop them immediately.

    Homeopathic medicines help in bringing balance and harmony in disturbed memory and emotions. In Homeopathy, we have more than 491 remedies that cover the symptoms of weakness or loss of memory. Such wide variety of symptoms and manifestations are present in every single case which can be covered magnificently by our homeopathic medicines.

    Along with parallel HOMEOPATHIC treatment, you can slowly but surely reduce doses of his medicines under the guidance of your expert HOMEOPATHIC physician. Eventually, you can discontinue his conventional medications.

  • 2 What are the supportive measures that can help in migraine?

    Along with medical treatment, some more important aspects include:

    • Diary Record: Keep a diary to record you trigger factors to prevent or manage effectively further attacks
    • Consume plenty of water
    • Complete bed rest during the attacks
    • Eat a proper balanced diet

    Staying happy and relaxed is one of the best supportive measures. Maintain regular eating habits, proper rest and sleep is needed for prevention of migraine attacks.

    Regular exercise and walk to remain stress free and healthy. For a more details, click on Do's and Don'ts

  • 3 What kind of diet would be better for a migraine suffering patient?

    Avoid smoking or even being around a lit cigar or cigarette, restrict your intake of alcohol, red wine, champagne, coffee and caffeinated drinks.

    Do not drink or eat anything that has artificial sweeteners, canned foods and food with preservatives or artificial colors.

    Eat plenty of anti inflammatory omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods like flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans and tofu. Take a high-fiber diet- whole grains, bran, oat, green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, potatoes, raw vegetables, salads, dried fruits and fresh fruits. Avoid monosodium glutamate (Ajinomoto) used in Chinese cooking.

    For a more details, click on Diet and Nutrition

  • 4 If there is a family history of migraine, then how can we prevent it?

    Definitely, one can prevent this disease if one is aware of the family history. The family right from the beginning has to stay away from erroneous lifestyle like inadequate sleep patterns, staying hungry for long time, physical and mental overexertion, etc. Meditation performed for just a few minutes every day helps to prevent hours and days of suffering.

  • 5 What if I use the acute rescue medicine of conventional method of treatment during emergency?

    During an acute emergency when you do not have the acute emergency homeopathic medicine with you, you can take the other pain relieving drugs but make sure you don't use it every time , for two reasons, one you get used to it and second, you may start with "Medication overused Headache". More over our aim is to say Good bye disease forever.

  • 6 What will I do if I get an acute attack of pain, can homeopathy help me during that phase or I will have go for any other alternative medicine/treatment?

    YES, surely homeopathy will be able to help you even in the acute phases of the attack beautifully and immediately. You can always ask the physician to give you an extra set of acute medicines which can be taken according to your set of symptoms which you face during the acute episode.

  • 7 What happens if the HOMEOPATHIC treatment is discontinued?

    To get the most excellent results and to make sure the illness does not relapse, HOMEOPATHIC treatment should be undertaken for its required course advised by your homeopath. However, under conditions where HOMEOPATHY may have to be discontinued, do not worry of any side effects and the disease will not deepen, but of course, relapses are likely to occur, which is factual in spite of any medicine. But with Homeopathy, the intensity of these relapses will be very fewer and uncommon.

  • 8 How does HOMEOPATHY work in Migraine?

    HOMEOPATHY works on the human being in the most natural way. By acting upon all the aspects, which is mind, body and spirit, it restores the life force of the body. Perfectly selected HOMEOPATHIC remedies help to reduce the intensity and severity of pain. Homeopathy helps to provide a happy, healthy, constructive, and fruitful and a sovereign life and it will also help in treating your emotional disturbances resulting from the disease. Homeopathy treats holistically in a very subtle, safe way and removes the disease right from its roots.

  • 9 Is there any safer and permanent ways to handle with migraine?

    There is no definite cure but migraine can be managed with physician's help.

    But since migraine is chronic health condition medicines will be required for a very long time, Homeopathy is definitely a much safer and a better option. Homeopathic medicines do not produce any major troubling side effects

    Homeopathy helps to treat the root cause of the disease along with the symptoms as well. HOMEOPATHY is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest way and it makes sure that the immunity of the patient is strengthened.

    With homeopathic medicines, the intensity, duration and frequency of the symptoms definitely reduce a lot. Homeopathy has 200+ medicines, that work in migraine and its symptoms, like Belladonna, Spigelia, Gelsemium, Glonoine, Lachesis, Nux vomica, etc. are very efficacious in migraine.

  • 10 Can migraine be treated with conventional medicine?

    Yes! Once the cause of the migraine in the particular person is evaluated, the treatment can be done in every system of medicine.

    There are three main aspects of treatment

    • Trigger prevention
    • Symptomatic treatment in acute phase
    • Conventional Medicines

    If just the pain relieving drugs like aspirin, NSAIDs or acetaminophen are used, then it is never a permanent relief, so make sure the cause is treated and not just the symptoms.

    Homeopathy has given and is being giving astonishing results in the treatment of migraine, no matter what the reason is. Homeopathy takes into contemplation every thorough minute aspect related to the cases and the medicines are given based on the same.

  • 11 Should a person with migraine headache see a doctor?

    Yes! A person with any severe and recurring headache may have a life threatening underlying causative pathology. A physician's evaluation is very necessary for accurate diagnosis. According to underlying condition with intensity and severity, treatment will be given to the patient.

    In Homeopathy, we have more than 200 efficacious remedies that cover the symptoms of migraine alone. Such wide variety of symptoms and manifestations are present in every single case which can be covered wonderfully by homeopathic medicines.

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