• Migraine Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Though the exact causes of Migraine cannot be pinpointed, there are certain triggers that have been known to increase the risk of developing the disease. These include:

Risk Factors of Migraine
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Prolonged fasting causing low blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • High level of cholesterol
  • History of Stroke, Coronary heart disease
  • Psychological conditions like Depression and Anxiety
  • Use of oral contraceptive pills
  • Headaches due to continued use of certain medications like pain killer drugs, opiates, barbiturates and triptans can develop into chronic migraine.

Apart from these, there are certain factors otherwise considered normal that can also trigger an episode of migraine. These include

  • Stress
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue around menstruation (periods)
  • Around the time of and during period of menopause
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