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Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions of Hypothyroidism

Riedel's Thyroiditis

  • It is a chronic form of thryoiditis in which thyroid gland becomes stony hard due to fibrosis of thyroid tissue.
  • It is believed to have an autoimmune basis and about 30% of patients with Riedel's Thyroiditis develop hypothyroid traits.

Similar Conditions of Hypothyroidism

Endemic Goiter

  • It is enlargement of thyroid gland due to deficiency of iodine.
  • Endemic Goiter presents as a swelling in the neck and, if large enough, can exert pressure on windpipe resulting in difficulty in breathing.

Similar Conditions of Hypothyroidism

Endemic Cretinism

  • Mainly seen in children where a congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones is seen resulting in stunted mental and physical growth. It arises because of the deficiency of iodine in diet of the pregnant mother.
  • It causes poor length growth of the child with swollen face, thickened skin and protruded abdomen.