• Hypothyroidism Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Even though hypothyroidism can affect anyone, certain people have a greater risk of acquiring this disease.

  • Gender: This disease has a predilection for women than men.
  • Age: The risk for Hypothyroidism is more above the age of 50 and increases with age.
  • Family history: There is a strong genetic predisposition for Hypothyroidism. A higher incidence is seen in those having a close relative with thyroid disease or an autoimmune disease.
  • Lifestyle: Smoking increases the risk for hypothyroidism mainly autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Surgery: Those individuals who have undergone thyroid surgery or radiation to the head or neck area have a greater risk.
  • Medications: Individuals on anti-thyroid medication or subjected to radioactive iodine are more likely to suffer from this disease.
  • Pregnancy: Some women are more inclined to develop Hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and if not treated, it produces adverse conditions like miscarriage or preeclampsia.
  • Other medical conditions: People with certain medical conditions like Type 1 Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Addison's disease have a greater risk of acquiring this disease.