• Chronic Constipation Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests

Most of the cases of mild constipation are not reported to physician. But it must get evaluated immediately if it is sudden & severe and is associated with weight loss or bleeding. Earlier the treatment for constipation is received the better the results are.

  • History- Careful evaluation of onset time of constipation, stool type, frequency, need for straining etc are must.
  • Physical examination- Rectal and abdominal examinations are also done. Rectal exam determine if the sphincter is tight.
  • Tests- Blood tests (Tests to rule out an under active thyroid or diabetes etc), abdominal X-Ray is routinely done. Specialized tests like colonic transit studies, defecography, anorectal motility studies, colonic motility studies, barium enema, CT Scan, MRI may also be required in few cases.
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