• Chronic Constipation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 I am 25 years old lady and works in multinational company. I am suffering from chronic constipation since last 5 years. I am taking allopathic and herbal medicines since last 4 years, but my constipation relapses again and again. If I opt for homeopathic medicines do I need to continue my current medicines forever? How long do I need to take homeopathic medicines?

    No, you need not take your current medicines forever, but since you are taking these medicines since quite a long time it is better if you do not stop these medicines all of a sudden. Stopping these medicines suddenly may aggravate your condition. Your medicines maybe tapered off gradually. Also after completely acknowledging all your symptoms homeopathic physician will guide you regarding your current medicines.

    With proper homeopathic medicines, healthy diet and lifestyle your constipation & its relapse will be taken care of. Since your case is a long standing case of chronic constipation it may take few months to regulate your bowel. But time depends from case to case and person to person. It may vary with your susceptibility, lifestyle conditions, response to medicine, dietary habits etc. In general it may take six to seven months.

  • 2 Are laxatives safe in constipation?

    Though laxatives are commonly given in conventional medicine in chronic constipation cases, they are not safe in long run. They are habit forming. Moreover they may damage the colon in long run and should be avoided.

  • 3 Is constipation common in pregnancy? Are homeopathic medicines safe in pregnancy?

    Yes, constipation is found to be quite common among pregnant ladies. It is probably due to pressure on rectum (part of bowel) due to growing size of uterus. Hormones like estrogens and progesterone which are high during pregnancy also cause colonic inertia.

    Yes, Homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe in pregnancy when prescribed by qualified homeopathic physician. Homeopathic medicines are side effect free and hence do not harm mother or baby. They are prescribed on totality of symptoms and hence also deal with all associated symptoms along with constipation.

  • 4 Can chronic constipation cases lead to life threatening situation?

    Not every case of chronic constipation leads into life endangering situation. But sometimes it can be a sign of grave diseases like cancer, colonic perforation etc. Colonic perforation is perforation of bowel due to pressure from excessive hard and big stools in severe chronic constipation. It may result in life threatening condition of sepsis and subsequently death. Also constipation may lead to bleeding fissures, piles, etc and may lead to blood loss. Hence every case of constipation needs attention and treatment and should never be ignored. Hence consider immediate treatment if you suspect Chronic Constipation.

  • 5 What is acute constipation?

    Constipation is called acute if it is of recent onset and shorter duration. Constipation can be both acute and chronic. Although chronic constipation is more common. But acute constipation is potentially more dangerous especially if it is associated with sudden pain, vomiting, nausea, bleeding, unexplained weight loss etc. It needs immediate intervention by qualified professional. It can also be a symptom of colon cancer and can be a result of obstructed path due to growth of tumour.

  • 6 What kind of diet is advisable in chronic constipation?

    Diet plays a very significant and important role in both prevention as well as management of Chronic Constipation. Following diet is recommended in chronic constipation-

    • Include more fiber: These are materials made by plants that is not digested by the human gut and gets expelled in stool thereby forming bulk and relieving constipation. Include increased amount of fruits and vegetables if you are constipated. Also include whole grains, oat, cherries, nuts, beans, legumes, grapes etc. Recommended requirement is 20-35 grams of fiber daily.
    • Drink sufficient water: At least 6-8 glasses of water must be consumed. Water helps to keep the stool soft and promotes their easy expulsion.
    • Prunes: Prunes are the fruits which play important role easing the constipation. Whole fruits or their juices are advisable. They are designated as nature's own remedy for constipation.
    • Coffee: Coffee though is a muscle relaxant and seems to be helpful in constipation but actually it hardens the stool and aggravates constipation. Hence avoid coffee.
    • Diuretics: Avoid diuretics like alcohol, caffeinated tea and cola which draw liquid out of stools and make them hard.
    • Avoid foods like cheese, meat and processed foods that have less or no fiber.

  • 7 Does exercise and lifestyle management help in reducing symptoms of chronic constipation?

    Yes, definitely exercise and good lifestyle play a significant role in both prevention as well as management of Chronic Constipation. Constipation is more prevalent in people who lead a sedentary life. Regular exercise and an active life promote good digestion too. They are necessary to relieve constipation along with medicines. Also a stress free life and relax attitude keeps constipation at bay.

  • 8 How can chronic constipation be prevented?

    Prevention is the best measure in chronic constipation cases. Following measures are effective in prevention of constipation-

    • Always incude good quantity of fibers in your diet. These fibers give volume to your stools by bulk formation. They also help stools in retaining water and prevents them from getting dry. This results in easy expulsion of stools and prevention of constipation.The best natural sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
    • Never suppress urge to defecate. When the urge comes, find a toilet and do not suppress it.
    • Monitor your medicinescarefully. There are many medicines which are notorious enough to cause constipation, hence avoid taking over the counter medicines without doctor's advice.
    • Drink enoughwater. Water keeps your stools moist and soft and facilitates easy expulsion. Do not let yourself get dehydrated.
    • Try to form a habit of visiting toilet at a fix time daily. This will prevent constipation.
    • Be active and avoid sedentary life. Regular exercises will prevent chronic constipation.

  • 9 What are the common homeopathic remedies for the treatment of chronic constipation?

    Homeopathy is a modern science and all homeopathic medicines are well proved. These medicines are side effect free and safe. They are natural. For the treatment of Chronic constipation Homeopathy has impeccable range of medicines. They treat all manifestation of Chronic constipation with equal efficacy. Homeopathic medicinal dosages are minute and they cause no damage to body or mind.

    Few of the common Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Chronic Constipation are- Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Platina, Sepia, Calcarea Carbonica, Causticum, Alumina, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Natrum Muriaticum, Collinsonia, Opium, Plumbum etc. Note: It is dangerous to take medicines without doctor's advice.

  • 10 How does homeopathic medicine act in chronic constipation cases?

    Homeopathy is based on principle of 'similia similibus curanter' which means like cures like. Hence homeopathic medicines are also prescribed on same principle. Homeopathic medicines are well proved on human beings. They are administered easily and start acting on human body immediately to bring relief.

    In chronic constipation cases they act in following ways -

    • Constitutional medicines maintain balance between your mind and body.
    • Natural relief to constipation by reducing stress along with exercises and lifestyle modification
    • Increases bulk of stool and make them soft along with fibrous diet
    • Stimulates rectum contraction for smooth expulsion of the stools
    • Cleans your colon

    Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects. Hence it is very suitable for pregnant ladies and children. Homeopathic medicines are non habit forming unlike laxatives which damages your colon in long run.

  • 11 How effective is Homeopathy in chronic constipation cases?

    Homeopathy is a natural science and do not suppress your symptoms. Homeopathy is a strong field of medicine for treatment of chronic constipation. Since constipation is a sign of some internal systemic disorder, homeopathy establishes wonderful results with its constitutional approach. It treats from core.

    Homeopathy like modern medicine is not palliative in nature. It does not provide only symptomatic relief as in conventional medicine. Homeopathy treats the root cause and permanently eliminates the cause to establish complete relief. It also ensures that there is no relapse or recurrence. Chronic Constipation has many emotional and personal causative factors. Since Homeopathy, considers each patient unique; it approaches individualistic measures for each and every patient. It differentiates each patient on Rare, Peculiar, Unique, Characteristic symptoms. Hence do not delay and get the most beneficial homeopathic treatment at the EARLIEST.

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