• Uterine Fibroids Complications


Although Uterine Fibroids are not exactly life threatening, they can cause a few complications if not taken care of:

  • Anaemia: Anaemia when the haemoglobin concentration in the blood decreases below normal. In case of Uterine Fibroids, anaemia occurs because of loss of excess blood, as well as due to consequent deficiency of iron.
  • Retention of Urine: Large fibroids may put pressure on the urinary bladder to give rise to urine retention, i.e. inability to empty the bladder partially or completely.
  • Painful Defecation: Similarly, pressure on the rectum may cause painful passing of stools.
  • Difficulty in conceiving: It is possible that in some cases, fibroids may prevent pregnancy by preventing the implantation and growth of the embryo.